Top 15 Reasons to Join Our FB Community: Savvy Homeowner

Top 15 Reasons to Join Our FB Group: “Savvy Homeowners”


The Savvy Homeowners Facebook Group Was Created for Homeowners To Help Maximize Their Home Values.

Remember Purchasing Your Home?

Remember that feeling of purchasing your first home and making plans to remodel the home? Remember starting that project and then realizing, before you completed it, that a new one suddenly surfaced? Savvy homeowners are careful to spend their money wisely and invest in those projects that later bring in the highest ROI on their home sale.

Remember Wishing You Could Get Closing Cost Savings?

Remember the surprise of seeing how many closing fees there are? Savvy Homeowners enjoy closing cost savings towards their home purchase or home sale and get their home purchaser rebate or a home seller rebate, all while working with local top Agents.

Savvy Homeowners Join Our Private Facebook Group To:

  1. Stay on top of the housing market whether looking to make a home purchase or home sale.
  2. Get real advice on how to properly stage your home when preparing a home sale for top dollar. (Do you qualify for a home seller rebate?)
  3. Get closing cost savings via a home seller rebate or a home purchaser rebate on your next home sale or home purchase.
  4. Get a referral to an expert local Realtor® who knows your area well and is motivated to sell your home for top dollar! (Pre-qualify for a home seller rebate.)
  5. Ease struggling with a By-Owner home purchaser. A home seller can ask for advice. (Or get a home seller rebate while working with an Agent.)
  6. Learn how to get top dollar on your next home sale (also ask about the home seller rebate).
  7. See inspirational home pictures before staging for your home sale or making your next home purchase. (Pre-qualify for a  home purchaser rebate.)
  8. Get a referral to a Realtor® who will work tirelessly on your home purchase or home sale and ask about the home seller rebate / home purchaser rebate.
  9. Get complete assistance interviewing agents for your home sale or home purchase (& get a home seller rebate / home purchaser rebate).
  10. Share your savvy homeowner pictures of your latest home projects. (home seller rebates / home purchaser rebates)
  11. Get a referral to a Realtor® in any of the 48 contiguous United States for a relocation (qualify for a home seller rebate /home purchaser rebate).
  12. Discuss home purchase and home sale tips with other savvy homeowners. (Learn about home seller rebates /home purchaser rebates.)
  13. Share home ideas, thoughts, and decisions you’ve made as a savvy homeowner with other proud homeowners.
  14. Get a Realtor® referral when purchasing your home with a  specific need: first home, 55+ community home, move-up home, luxury home, new construction home, 1800’s home, etc.
  15. Learn about closing cost savings using rebates and how to get top dollar on your home purchase or home sale. (Qualify for a home seller rebate /home purchaser rebate.)

Savvy Homeowners know how to get top dollar on a home sale and closing cost savings via rebates. Learn about home purchaser rebates and home seller rebates here.


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A Realtor® is a member of the National Association of Realtors and abides by their strict code of ethics.

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