Where can I find an out of state real estate agent?

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Many people who are moving out of state have questions about the process of closing on their current home and buying a new one out of state. Locate My Agent is here to find you the best match for your needs in a real estate agent.

Where can I find the best out of state real estate agent?



If you plan to buy a home in another state, many buyers find the experience to be very stressful, especially if the buyers are unfamiliar with the area. An out-of-state buyer could be at a disadvantage because the buyer may not know the best neighborhoods, any of the real estate agents in town or the state laws. It can be frightening to embark on a new direction without a guide. When your agent is matched to you with our services, you will have more time to concentrate on finding the right home.


Closing in Another State


If a buyer is selling an existing home to buy a home in another state, a simultaneous closing is very difficult, if not impossible, to orchestrate. The reason is most banks will not fund a loan for the home a buyer is buying in another state until the bank receives the HUD on the sale of the buyer’s existing home. In this case, it is best to get your two closings to be as close as possible while making living arrangements for the time in between.

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Locate My Agent is here to match the perfect agent to the buyer so that you have more time to find your dream home.

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