If you are looking for a high quality Real Estate Agent you can trust, you came to the right place.

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Alina Davidov - The Real Estate Agent Head Hunter

Here’s How to Locate an Agent Who Wants What’s Best for YOU & Knows How to Get It

Finding a qualified, professional Real Estate Agent who has your best interest at heart takes precious time and energy.
Typically a person must interview multiple Agents to find the right one. Who has time to conduct multiple interviews?

“The Real Estate Agent Headhunter is saving people time which is so important in today’s fast moving world.” — Eli Thompson 

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Because of the time required to locate a good agent, most people go with their first choice.
Big mistake!
Your first choice could be a disaster. Hiring an unqualified Agent or one that puts THEIR agenda before YOURS will cost you a lot of money.
If you don’t already work in the real estate industry, you are probably unsure what to look for or where to go to hire the right Agent for your home purchase or sale.
What you need is someone with industry knowledge and experience.
A professional ready to guide you—for FREE.
Hi, I’m Alina Davidov, CRS, SFR  
The Real Estate Agent Headhunter
My 18 years of industry experience includes helping home buyers and home sellers across the U.S. get matched up with top quality Agents in their zip code. These Agents are hand-picked by my team of professional screeners. Those who make it past this level of vetting are the only ones who get a chance to work with my customers. I help consumers compare options and guide buyers and sellers to the Agent who will give them a satisfying experience.
I believe you should feel comfortable with your real estate transaction.
And finding the right Agent is the key to make this happen.

“If you’re looking for a Real Estate Agent that can make it work for you, delegate it to Alina so you can do what you’re good at and she can do what she’s good at—making your house buying or house selling experience a great experience.” — Stan Houston the real estate agent headhunter

The Real Estate Agent Headhunter uses a thorough background checking process that applies strict standards so you get paired with the best Agent possible.
Buyers and sellers receive many benefits from this process. Here are 5 benefits:
  1. Top performing Agents in your zip code are hand picked and professionally screened. Agents do not pay marketing fees to get in.
  2. We are as involved in this process as you want us to be. We can help you sift through the candidates or you can go through them on your own.
  3. Our Agents agree to be 90% present in your transaction, from introductions to closing. You don’t have to worry about an Agent passing you along to an assistant or less busy Agent down the rank.
  4. To protect you from a “scripted” Agent, we ask the tough questions that provide a “real” portrait of who the Agent is and how much experience they truly have. Turnover is high in this industry, and scripting is used to gain a consumer’s trust quickly. Don’t find out the truth late in the game—get a qualified Agent right up front.
  5. We help you determine if an Agent is using their own personal success statistics or riding on the coattails of their team stats. With the growing trend of real estate teams, you need help knowing the difference.
And here’s the big bonus included:
Customers can contact Alina today to qualify for a rebate of up to $10,000 towards their home purchase price or home sale price at their closing.
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