Helping Consumers Find Top Real Estate Agents

We help consumers find top real estate agents

We are passionate about helping Home buyers and Home sellers  find reliable, motivated and high quality Real Estate Agents they can trust. That being said, we believe every Consumer deserves to feel confident about the Real Estate Agent representing the purchase or sale of their American dream home.

In the real estate industry, this level of confidence can only be attained when the Consumer (home buyer / home seller), is working with the right Agent matched to their specific home purchase or home sale needs. Our services provide the best method by which the Consumer can be introduced to a Real Estate Agent who will dedicate their time and effort to make certain the home buyer or seller has a successful real estate experience. 

Our services are FREE, easy to use, and save Consumers lots of time.

About Our Founder

Alina Davidov, Founder of  THE REAL ESTATE AGENT HEADHUNTER® – for Consumers, saw a need in the real estate industry that wasn’t being met. Because of the complexity of real estate transactions themselves, and the many components entailed, Consumers understand that they need professional real estate services. However, many  home buyers and  home sellers really struggle to find the right help. Challenges include not being sure of what qualifications to look for in the Agent, how to interview them for their specific project, and how to set expectations when hiring an Agent for their home purchase or home sale needs.  

“Oftentimes, as Consumers, when we aren’t sure what to look for or how to go about it, we tend to feel uncomfortable and we end up making quick, compulsive choices that we may later regret. When it comes to a real estate transaction, the Real Estate Agent is the Consumer’s armor. This is the person in charge  of looking out for the Consumer’s best interest in the biggest transactions of their lifetime. Therefore, the Agent should be selected based on a good quality decision and not on limited knowledge, first impressions, or sales pitches”, says Davidov.

Our FREE and easy to use process, assists Home buyers and Home sellers in making quality decisions themselves, that they can feel good about.
In addition, when working with Davidov’s brand, THE REAL ESTATE AGENT HEADHUNTER®, Consumers get help finding an Agent utilizing:

*17+ years of inside the industry know-how.
*Assistance from a Realtor®, who voluntarily subscribes to a strict code of ethics.
* Assistance from a Certified Residential Specialist, the highest designation in the field.

“It’s OK to want better and it’s OK to seek out the best for yourself! After all, we are talking about your BIGGEST investment! So why not start your real estate journey with the right help in place?”     – Alina Davidov, Founder of THE REAL ESTATE AGENT HEADHUNTER® – for Consumers.