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Whether you are buying or selling a home, it can be quite an adventurous journey. You need an experienced Real Estate Professional to lead you to your ultimate goal. In this world of instant gratification and Internet searches, many Consumers think that picking a Realtor® is as simple as asking friends for a referral or checking out reviews online. Unfortunately, such  introductions often falls short of their expectations.  

It is usually after the Client is in the stages of negotiating when red flags may start to surface. In other words, it is at a stage when it is too late to make a change because the Consumer is too far into the real estate transaction process with the Agent representing them. The Real Estate Agent Headhunter® of makes this process quick, easy and extremely efficient for Consumers. 

The 5 Reasons You NEED a Real Estate Agent Headhunter® in your corner from the very start are:

1. 17+ Years of experience to guide you through pitfalls.

Do you know the difference between an ABR and a CRS? Do you know what skill sets an Agent should have to best serve the sale of your specific home? Do you know how to identify the necessary set of skills an Agent needs to help you meet your buying goals? Do you know how to get answers to all the necessary questions you need to know before starting to work with the Agent? Do you know how to get Agents to truly compete for your business?

The process of hiring a Real Estate Agent, the person responsible for the biggest transaction of your lifetime, should never be treated any different than a job interview. Having this “know how”, backed by over 17 years of inside industry experience, we connect all the dots and make it easy for you to hire right from the start.

2. An advocate on your side.

You may know the area, the home, your goals and your deadlines. However, more often than not, Consumers do not express their wants and needs to the agent, thinking that everything is common sense. No one understands the Agent-Client relationship better than we do and we communicate those seemingly minor, but very important details on your behalf.

3. Complete support and guidance you can count on.

We are there from the beginning to the end. We follow up with both you and your Agent throughout the process. We want to make sure that you are as happy with the Agent selected a week or a month down the road as you were when you hired them.

4. Expectations set on your behalf.

Not only do we communicate your expectation, based on your needs and goals, but we ask Agents, in writing, to additionally abide by our minimum standards which we set on your behalf.

5. It’s FREE!

We are paid in broker to broker contracts via Agents who want business from us because we deliver clear-cut Client assignments to them with great detail and communication they cannot find anywhere else. So this entire service is 100% free to the Consumer.

A REALTOR is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and abides by a strict code of ethics.

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