We-Interviews & We-Screens

This series of interviews was created with the Savvy Consumer in mind. Designed for people who won’t settle for any less than the very best.  We-Interviews should be requested at least  7-10 days before you want to begin working with the right Real Estate Agent. Offered to home-buyers and home-sellers with real estate values of $250,000 and above. The difference between a We-Interview and a We-Screen is explained below.


We-Interviews are snippet interviews (concise interviews) which focus on the most relevant and important criteria needed in the right real estate agent who will take on your specific project. After we learn about your project and your goals, we pull together a matrix of proper interview questions designed to identify who has what it takes to meet your goals and expectations.


  1. We learn about your needs, goals, and expectations and identify any additional specific skills Agents may need to carry out your project (area specialist, new construction, older homes, flood zones, 55+ communities, lake front, equestrian, luxury, short sale, REO, the list goes on and on).
  2. We go to work. We invite those local Agents with the right skill sets and credibility to We-Screens or We-Interviews where we screen until we find the right Agent(s) who we feel make the right candidate(s) for your specific project, starting you off with a very high quality initial Agent-Candidate pool to choose from.
  3. You further ask the Agent(s) any additional questions you have and decide who you would like to start working with (you have no commitment to select anyone we introduce).
  4. Let us know who you selected or ask us to run an additional interview round.


We understand the difference between Agents who work a lone and on teams. We know the difference between an agent who concentrates on generating volume and one who concentrates on servicing the Consumer’s best interest. We understand the entire real estate transaction environment and all processes and procedures and we know how to properly screen out the right Agent(s).

When we screen, we look at the Consumer’s entire matrix (we call this the Consumer Environment) and we take into consideration all these factors: “Who are you”, “what at your needs”, and “what is the real estate project” in order to profile and find the top candidate(s) for you.

… Who are you?

We take the time to learn who you are. Are you a first-time buyer?…. An experienced buyer?… A busy seller?… A repeat buyer?… A busy professional?… A move-up buyer? … An empty nester?… A retiring seller?…  A 55+ Community buyer?… Are you selling a parent’s home out of state?

…. What are your needs? 

Together, we identify your top needs. Do you need the local specialist?…. Are you relocating and need an Agent who can give you a bit of an orientation along the way?….Do you need a counseling Agent who helps you understand procedures and processes?… Do you need a thorough hand holding Agent? …… Or do you need an Agent who just contacts you with the bottom line?

…. What is the project?

We know who to put on what real estate project. New Construction? Older home? Suburban home? Urban home? Luxury property? Water front? Retirement community? Flood plain? Equestrian? Ariel landing with hangar home? Recent rehab? Foreclosure? REO? Short-sale?

Finding the right fit Agent for your entire project means the Agent is a match in ALL the following ways: to your buy / sale project’s need and price point, to your personal needs and goals, the Agent’s real time availability, and so much more.

We-Screen vs. We-Interview:

The We-Interview is the highest level of service we offer and has two options to choose from: A quality pre-screen (We-Screen) or a full procedural interview (We-Interview). Before we begin processing either request, we first review and analyze your local market’s Real Estate Agents based on their past performance statistics, areas serviced, price ranges serviced, client reviews, and overall online presence. Once we identify the candidates to pre-screen or interview, we create a candidate pool and begin the requested interview process. In our interviews, we do not listen to scripted responses. We ask very open-ended procedural questions (questions that we write, re-write and evolve over time) specifically designed to identify Agents who make the right fit for real estate projects.

We-Screen (for Sellers only): We pre-screen as many Agents as needed until we find up to three strong candidates in your local market who are the right fit for your specific needs. We introduce them to you. Each of these candidates know that they will be competing for your listing with others. You can continue, having the confidence that they have already been professionally pre-screened by us. The Agent you select to work with is up to you. Simply let us know who you chose. We will even update the other(s) on your behalf, to let them know that they will not receive the listing. You have no obligation to pick anyone we introduce you to. Offered for Sellers only, with property values of $250,000 and above.

We-Interview (for Buyers and Sellers): We conduct focus based  interviews until we find the right Agent-Candidate to introduce to you. You decide if you want to work with them or if you would like us to try again. You have no obligation to pick anyone we introduce you to and there is never a charge for our services.  We-Interview is best for Buyers and Sellers with property values of $250,000 and above.